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Big Auto Pays Referral Fees To:

In other words, anyone who refers a case and meets the ethical considerations and other terms, may be paid for referring a case to Big Auto!

Why refer an injury case to Big Auto?

Big Auto Accident Attorneys is a national team of top car and truck accident law firms. We focus on car and truck-related injuries. After all, it’s in the law firm name. Wherever You Are, Big Auto Is Able to Help. Our Lawyers And Co-Counsel Will Fight For You And Those You Refer For Top Legal Representation.

Who can I speak with about my referral?

Call 1-844-BIG-AUTO or email [email protected] to schedule a call with one of our lawyers or intake specialists.

To learn more about our referral fees, call (844) BIG-AUTO or email Nic Edgson, Managing Attorney, at [email protected]

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