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Do All Car Crashes Require An Attorney?

Do all car crashes require an attorney?

Car accidents are stressful enough without worrying about legal action. Even seemingly minor crashes can result in large damage bills or serious injuries. Laws do not require you to obtain a lawyer after a car accident. However, it can help you navigate the legal system and obtain compensation for any injuries received. That is why consulting an attorney is generally a good idea after an accident. 

Factors That Impact Whether To Hire an Attorney After an Accident

You may be able to manage the aftermath of a minor accident without legal support. Various factors determine whether you need one or if you should proceed on your own. Understanding them can guide your decision. 

Accident Severity

Accidents can range from minor fender benders to multi-car pileups. The severity plays a major role in whether or not you need to hire an attorney. For example, you may decide to handle repairs after a minor accident by working directly with your insurance company.

As a general rule, more severe accidents may require legal counsel. They typically have more serious consequences, such as significant property damages or serious injuries. 

Most states have laws that mandate when you must file an accident report. These often rely on a specified dollar amount of property damage or level of injury. You can often use these as a guideline to determine if you should hire a car accident lawyer

Property Damage

Modern cars feature safety zones designed to absorb accident impact and keep passengers safe. As a result, even a minor accident can result in property damage significant enough to warrant legal action. Property damage can also include stationary objects, such as fences or buildings, impacted during an accident. 


The types and severity of injuries are other considerations when looking at accident severity. Any time you or your passengers suffer injuries, it is important to seek medical assistance and legal advice about compensation for medical care.

Keep in mind that some injuries can take years to fully heal. They may also impact other areas of your life, such as your earning capacity or ability to enjoy favorite activities. These are all factors that you must consider when determining a value for compensation. 

Responsibility for the Accident

If you are in an accident where another driver is at fault, hiring an attorney is a good strategy for recovering compensation from that driver or his insurance company. Conversely, if you are responsible for causing an accident, you may want to consult an attorney to decide the best way to defend yourself. 

Other Steps To Take Immediately After an Accident

If you or a loved one are in a car accident, you should take some basic steps to protect yourself and your interests. The following actions help ensure you have the best chances of success should you decide to take legal action against the other driver, or if he takes action against you:

These steps can help you prove liability and negotiate a favorable settlement with insurance companies. It can also support any legal action you decide to take. 

How an Attorney Helps After a Car Accident

You should understand how an attorney helps after a car accident before deciding whether or not to hire one. It is important to note that each situation is unique; however, you can generally expect many of the following services from most personal injury lawyers. 

Negotiate a Favorable Insurance Settlement

Many insurance companies prefer to provide a settlement rather than go through the expense of a court case. However, they often make low initial offers in the hopes that accident victims will accept and move on. Unfortunately, accepting a settlement can also mean waiving your right to seek future compensation. 

Your car accident attorney will negotiate with insurance companies to ensure that any offer you agree to is fair and provides sufficient compensation to cover our damages. This includes potential future costs that you may incur from injuries. He will also review any settlement offers presented.

Settle Liability Issues

The responsible party is clear in some accidents but may be uncertain in others. Additionally, one or more involved drivers may contest initial findings of fault. Establishing liability is an important part of any accident investigation. It can play a major role in who can seek compensation and who is responsible for injuries and other damages. 

Your attorney will work to investigate the accident and damages to establish what happened. This can include speaking to witnesses, obtaining video footage or photos of the accident and scene and reviewing physical damages to the involved vehicles. 

Provide Legal Counsel

Legal issues can quickly become complex. Experienced attorneys understand the legal system and all of its nuances. They can help you navigate filings, ensure you meet deadlines and respond to inquiries on your behalf. 

Our lawyers will work with you to ensure you have sound legal advice every step of the way. We provide solid counsel based on your particular situation. We also ensure that your filing adheres to local requirements and statutes of limitations. Perhaps most importantly, our attorneys explain your legal rights and work diligently to preserve them. 

When You Might Not Need an Attorney

Not every car accident requires an attorney. Many people can navigate the following types of situations without legal counsel:

Even if you feel that an attorney is not necessary for your particular situation, it is still a good idea to consult with one. A free case evaluation may reveal facts that you overlooked. 

Get the Support You Deserve

If you experienced a car accident that caused property damage or injuries, an attorney can help you recover compensation for injuries and property damage. Our Big Auto team of accident attorneys is ready to provide legal guidance and assistance throughout your case. We offer professional and courteous support focused solely on car accident litigation. Contact us to schedule your free consultation.