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Big injuries from an accident?


Big Auto Accident Attorneys delivers big results

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Big Auto Accident Attorneys understands: One minute you were minding your own business, driving to work or school or to run errands. The next minute an accident upended your life without warning, leaving you injured, angry and confused. 

Don’t face the physical and emotional aftermath of a vehicle accident on your own. Above all, don’t consider any settlement from an insurance company or try to guess what your case might be worth without consulting an expert attorney.

Battling big insurance

Big Auto Accident Attorneys is a national team of expert lawyers who specialize in vehicle accident injury cases. They’ll investigate the details of your case and take over burdensome insurance and legal paperwork. Most important, Big Auto’s experienced attorneys aren’t afraid to take on big insurance. Insurance companies typically offer the lowest possible settlement and hope that the accident victim will accept it. 

As tempting as it might seem to agree to a settlement because you want to get on with your life, don’t do it without legal help. Big Auto will go up against big insurance and fight for the maximum settlement in your case so you get the compensation you deserve. 

National outreach

Connected to top accident law firms throughout the U.S., the Big Auto team will advocate for you wherever you are and whenever you need it, even going to court on your behalf if necessary. With Big Auto on your side, you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries and getting your life back to normal.

Pay Big Auto only if you win 

When Big Auto accepts a case, their attorneys are confident they can win and win big. You don’t pay Big Auto unless you win your case. Call 844.BIG.AUTO or visit for a free case evaluation.

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Content reviewed by managing attorney, Nic Edgson. Nic has been an Arizona-licensed lawyer for more than a decade and focuses his law practice on helping people seriously injured in car accidents and truck accidents. He has represented thousands of clients and recovered more than $50 Million Dollars fighting for their injuries and medical bills. Throughout his legal career, Nic has helped those injured through some of the most difficult times in their lives.